Adrian Steel
Adrian Steel
Letter of Recommendation
Adrian Steel
Adrian Steel
Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

Adrian Mechanical Services is our preferred vendor for heating, cooling, plumbing and related mechanical service. We have relied on them for many years not only to install new equipment but also to maintain our existing equipment.

We had done business with various vendors in our area until we became acquainted with Adrian Mechanical through a building project. We were very pleased with their service, their expertise, their professionalism on the job and their ability to meet the contractor’s schedule. Later, when we needed service on other equipment we gave them a try and they did an excellent job repairing equipment that others had struggled with.

In subsequent years they have developed a comprehensive service agreement that not only is beneficial to us in price, but allowed us to develop continuity of records, gave assurance of required preventative maintenance (resulting in less downtime), provides for updates to equipment as necessary and gives me a level of trust that if I’m out of town, they will take care of our employees here at Adrian Steel Company.

There have been some tests. At times we’ve had issues with equipment that didn’t work as expected. Most times, this has been the result of manufacturing design issues. Adrian Mechanical has stuck with the project, through completion to our satisfaction. They have gone beyond what the manufacturer would cover many times, making sure that we had what we needed. They have been innovative in their solutions, even when it meant more work and less gain than what was originally designed. They stand behind their work too. When they’ve discovered issues, they don’t leave us hanging – they come to the plate and do what is required. That is what enhances our overall relationship.

Adrian Mechanical has proven their commitment to us over the years. They have provided excellent service, they go the extra mile when we need their help, they respond to calls from many different departments within our company, they work professionally around our employees and customers, their service people comply with our safety guidelines, their people have gone to bat for us with our local city government concerning utility capabilities, in short, they meet and often exceed our expectations.

When others ask why we name Adrian Mechanical as our preferred vendor I respond it’s because they’ve earned that designation by their commitment to serve us without fail. We can depend on them. We know it, and they make sure of it.

Joseph E. Emens
Vice President of Finance

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